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[Review] Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!!

Today I have a mascara review to share with you. It is the Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom mascara. Disclaimer: I received this free from Bzzagent to try and provide my honest opinion, this post is not sponsored.

Let's get started...

Here's a little company description,
Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara by Lash Blast - Soft, full lashes that are never stiff or brittle. New petal shaped brush and soft, mousse formula, with natural beeswax, brings out every lash. Ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers.

My Lashes
I have decent length lashes, but they are stick straight. Every time I curl my lashes and put on mascara, my lashes fall right down and becomes stick straight again. It usually takes me a long time to use mascara and achieve the look I want.


It comes with a beautiful bright fushia pink tube, the shape of the tube is same as the other 3 mascara from the lash blast line. It has little flowers printed on the tube. The packaging is very girly and it makes me happy.

The wand

I love that Cover Girl separates the actually mascara from the wand in its store packaging. I can see clearly what the wand bristles look like and feel the bristles without getting mascara on my hand. The  bristles are made of rubber and are very flexible. I like that the wand is not too thick, this give me better control when I'm using the mascara close to my lash line. 


First time using this mascara, the product is quite wet. But from my previous experience with the lash blast fusion mascara, this formula gets better with use. I find that the formula in this mascara is quite different from the lash blast fusion, this one has a more airy, not as dry consistency. 

Application/ Result
This mascara is so easy to apply with the perfect sized wand, I can apply it close to the root of my lashes without getting mascara on my lids. My lashes became visible with one coat. With two coats it achieve the soft, voluminous , natural looking lashes. I also tried the third coat, it gives more of night time looking lashes. I would probably stay with 1~2 coats though because I like more of the natural look. Another great thing about the Full Lash Bloom is that even with multiple coats, my lashes never look stiffed, and they don't feel stiff when I touch it. There were no clumps and definitely buildable.

Top photo: with and without the mascara comparison

Wear Time
The one I tried is not a waterproof mascara. However, it lasted more than 9 hours on my lashes, from school to work without any rain, tears. Something I noticed is that there were no flakey fall outs on my lids, around my eyes nor in my eyes. No smudging and no transfer. 

I would give this product a....


I gave it a 5/5 because even though it didn't hold my curl after applying the mascara. The product didn't claim to hold curls, plus it does not have a waterproof formula. Even most of the high end mascaras doesn't hold them. I really have nothing bad to say about this mascara, I think it's better than some of the high end mascara I tried. Lash blast is really one of my favorite mascara lines. Thank you Cover Girl and Bzzagent for the wonderful mascara.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September 2015 Favorties


I know everyone starts their posts/ videos with, " I can't believe it's October", but I really wish September can be longer. I like that September feels like a fresh start, for school and as a reminder to complete my 2015 resolution because 2016 is coming!

Just an FYI, some of the photos are from previous posts, and some I found online because Vancouver has been so gloomy lately, I did not have a chance to take photos for the products properly.

1. Bioderma Sensibio Mask

Sensitive, intolerant skin soothing, moisturising mask - Face
Photo from

This is a Soothing mask for sensitive skin. It claims that it is intensely moisturizing and soothing. It says to only use once or twice a week. I use this after I clean my face. You would apply this like a normal facial moisturizer. I like to apply a thick layer and rinse it off after 10~15 minutes. I like that there's no scent to it, just like the Biorderma cleansing water. My skin feels more calm after using it, it doesn't not dry out my face after rinsing it off. However, I would still apply more normal facial moisturizer after this. 

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Photo from:
As you could probably tell, I'm trying to test out products for sensitive skin.  I can't believe I just recently tried this when I have been hearing people talking about this for so long, the formula is great , no scents , no bubbles just  gently cleaning the face. It takes out my make up residues like  no other face wash.

3. Kao Steaming Eye Mask

I got this in Japan over the summer, but you can find this almost any where. This has been such a popular product  and I totally understand why! It is a steaming eye mask that helps sooth your tired eyes. Every time I stay up late at night  or when I have been using my phone, laptop  for a long time, my eyes gets very dry and sore. I will just spend 10 minutes, have the mask on and relax. I find that it helps me sleep better  or allows me to to continue my day without dry tired eyes. I also recommend this to any one who goes on the plane often, especially long distance. This works so well on the plane and prevents my eyes being dry and uncomfortable.

A more detailed review will be on the blog soon.

4. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I just posted my review on this last week, you can read it here if you have not already.  I have been using this every single day and it definitely got rid of my dry patchy lips.  Now, I can't sleep without putting this on.

Some updates since the review I posted. I have been using the sample size for a month now, I'm not even half way done! Sometimes I apply this on my lips in the morning before I put on make up, I because it lasts longer on the lips.

5. Etude House Puff& Brush Cleaning Mist

I think most of us don't have the time to clean our brushes every time we put on makeup. Sometimes I  feel too lazy to clean the brush. Yes, I know it bad for my skin and it also hinders the performance of the brushes. To mitigate that, I bought an extra set of brushes to alternate. However, I don't have duplicates for all of my favorite brushes. I picked this up from Etude House just to try it out. This allows me to spot treat my brushes after I use it and let it dry. By the second day I'm putting on makeup, those brushes feel like clean, fresh brushes again. The container is a spray bottle, so you spritz some on the brushes and just swipe across a towel or paper towel to get rid of the makeup. For my beauty blender,

6. Chella Eyebrow Pencil

I mentioned this product in my other posts. For a while I have been using my Urban Decay Naked Basics for filling in my brows. Then comes September, I came across this product while I was going through makeup stash. Then I started to use it again, and since then I have been using it every single day. I am so sad I'm almost out of this product. I received this in my May IPSY bag, you can read my unboxing here

I also mentioned in my haul, that this product reminds me of the Anastasia Brow Wiz, so I wrote a side by side comparison post for the two products. You can find it here. The post also gives a more in depth review of the product.

The only thing I don't like about this is that it is so inaccessible for me (Fellow Canadians). Because this product costs $28 dollars and the shipping is $15.  As much as I love this product, I am hesitant on spending my money on shipping.

7. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Fresh Foundation

photo from

I don't think I have ever mentioned this foundation in my post. I have been loving this for a while now, I think ever since it came out. I use this almost every single day I put on foundation. This give a nice coverage but with a very natural finish. It is not a flat matte finish, but there are not shimmer or illuminating finish. It is light weight with buildable coverage. It is able to stay on my skin all day, even in the summer times. I think this is very comparable to the Estee Lauder Double Wear. I have both of the foundation and I find myself reaching for this more than the Estee Lauder one. If you would like to see a side by side comparison between the two product, let me know!

8. Etude House Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact

I talked about this in my recent Etude House haul, you can find it here. I have this compact in my purse, I use it through out the day to touch up my makeup or blot of some oily areas. The powder is so silky smooth and it does not get caught in the dry patches. However, I am still not used to using the puff, I think I still prefer using a brush. But carrying a puff is more convenient so I'm okay with it.

9. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in #62 Monte Carlo

I bought this from the duty free shop in the Taiwanese airport. It was much cheaper than Vancouver. I don't think this is from the recent collections but I love this color anyways. It is a wearable red color, I would describe it as more of a warmer red color. It is so perfect for fall and winter! 

Rouge Coco Shine is also my favorite Chanel lipstick line. I like that the color is not as saturated, it sheers out on the lips, so I would say it is a more forgiving lipstick. It is also quite hydrating but it lasts on the lips for quite a long time. 

I also found a dupe for this lipstick from the drugstore, if you want to see a dupe/ side by side comparison between the two products, leave me some comments or let me know!!

Well, I know this post is late but here you go. Nine of my favorites for the months of September! I hope you enjoy! There will be more reviews coming up in the next few weeks. Thank you for stopping by.

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