Monday, March 28, 2016

March IPSY Glam Bag Unboxing


Third IPSY bag of the year!! I know I missed the February Glam bag, but honestly, I don't feel motivated to post the bag when I'm not that happy with the bag. What do you think? Should I also talk about disappointing months? Anyways, you probably guessed, I'm pretty happy with this month's bag. First of all, I really like the bag itself! I really like the color contrast on the bag. This month there are 3 different color combination of the bag, and I'm so glad I got this one!

Marc Anthony Argan Oil Blow Dry Smoothing Cream

I don't usually use any hair care products, but I have been wanting to try this for a long time. I was hoping the argan oil can help smooth out the ends of my hair. However, I can't stand the smell of this product, it's too strong and sweet. I'll be passing this along to my friends.

Full Size: 6.76 OZ (200ml) for about $9.46 CAD
Sample size I received: 1.69oz which is about $2.37CAD ($1.8 USD)

Model Co. Lip Lacquer in Socialite

The color is rich and gorgeous, it's a coral and strawberry color. It stains the lip,so it last for a long time.It smells/ taste like strawberry candy. However, it is SUPER sticky, I would enjoy this product more if it isn't this sticky.

This product is available on The full size is $24 USD, about 5ml, but my sample size is 1.5 ml so about $7.2 USD.

Some swatches: Illamasqua liner (left,), Model Co. lip laquer (Right)

Illamasqua Precision Ink Eye Liner Liquide

This is my favorite product in the bag. I have been hearing so much about Illamasqua through beauty gurus on Youtube, but I never had the chance to try it out. I'm so excited I received this in the bag this month. As a first timer with long "handle" liquid eyeliner, this is surprisingly easy to use. I usually use the liquid eyeliners from Stila. The liner goes on smooth and it does not transfer on to the upper lids even when I blink my eyes right after application. It stays on without smudging. However, you can't remove the liner with just cleansing water, you need a oil based (waterproof) makeup remover. I want to try more products from Illamasqua!

This is a full size 1.8ml product! It is $39.95 CAD ($30.29 USD) on it's website.

Be a Bombshell Baked Bronzer in Heat Wave

I am honestly quite disappointed with this product. It looks beautiful as a highlighting bronzer/ blush in the pan, but nothing really shows up when I swatch it. I tried to pick up the color with my fingers but it is still very subtle, I couldn't really tell if the product was on my cheeks. I've received a couple products from Be a bombshell Cosmetics before and they have been great. I'm not sure why this isn't showing up as well, but I'm going to play around with it a bit more because the color looks so gorgeous in the pan.

This product can be found on The full size retails for $16 USD. Again, I believe the one I received was a full size, which is .23 oz!

Manna Kadar Fantasy 3-in-1 Blush Highlighter Eyeshadow

The last product in the bag is a 3-in-1 cool product! It is a universal shade that can be used as a highlighter, blush or eye shadow! You know how I like products that serves multiple purposes! The color is so beauty and it's quite pigmented!  One thing I don't like about this product is the packaging, I know screwed on lids is more secure, especially if you plan on traveling with this; however, for daily use it is sometimes annoying to screw the lid off and then put it back on if you are in a hurry. Other than that, I really love it!

I believe you can only find this product on The full size retails for $19 USD and once again I think I got a  full size (0.1 OZ) ! Yay!

When I saw this product it actually reminds me of a couple other products I have in my collection, an eye shadow from Urban Decay (Sin) and a eye shadow pigment from Pixi. So I put them together and swatched it. In the second picture (swatches),  the center one is the Manna Kadar one, the one on the left is Pixi and the one on the far right is Urban Decay Sin. As you can see, the shade of the Manna Kadar one is very close to the Pixi one, whereas the finishes of the shawdow is the same as the Urban decay one. It gives a slight metallic look without being too overpowering!

The total value of this bag is $74.29 USD which is more than the $10 bag+ Canadian shipping + currency conversion! The value of the bag was great! I am also really happy how 4/5 products are makeup products! I am a little disappointed with a few products; however I really love the Illamasqua Eyeliner and the Manna Kadar 3 in 1 blush, eye shadow, highlighter. Also the bag itself is super cute!!!! I think it was still an awesome month for me!

I am still rating this bag with a 4/5 !!!


Yours Truly,


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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

[Comparison] CoverGirl Oh Sugar! Balm V.S. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment


Happy Spring! There were so many new beauty product launch lately! This CoverGirl balm caught my eye right away. Honestly, I do not usually look at Covergirl lip products, because I remember the lipsticks were really drying for my lips. When I saw the name "Oh Sugar" vitamin infused balm, I immediately thought of the Sugar lip treatment from Fresh. ( I tried the Fresh sugar treatment awhile back, and I lost the tube already, I can only use the photo from Sephora.) Now that I tried out both lippies, I can tell you whether I think the Covergirl "Oh Sugar" is comparable to Fresh.

Let's get started...

1) Company Product Claims/ Ingredient
Both contains Vitamins C&E and grapeseed oil to act as treatment for softer lips.

Treat your lips with colorlicious oh sugar! Vitamin infused lip balm.  With the help of grapeseed oil, avocado butter, and Vitamins C & E, it's only natural that this delicious smelling lip treatment leaves your lips soft and nourished with a hint of sheer color.  

Sugar Lip Treatment blends reparative oils and waxes with real sugar, a natural humectant, for delectable and dependable moisture. Sweet and tart black currant oil, rich in plumping essential fatty acids, cushions the lips while antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E provide protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals. 

2) Texture/ Finishes

Both products glide on the lip easily without tugging, really feels like a nourishing lip balm! They both leave a slightly glossy finish; however the glossy look goes away after awhile.Even when the glossy finish go away, they both leave a tint on the lips and they both don't dry out the lips through out the lips. Both company did not claim for long wear, and it's understandable that the balmy feel goes away through out the day! Now, something different between the two...

CoverGirlI find that when I first apply this, I can feel some "sugar particles", like I just at some granulated sugar. The "sugar" disappear after a few minutes. I find that the color payoff is more buildable with the CoverGirl balm.There are 10 shades to choose from in the line. I'm going to insert a swatch photo of the colors, I found this picture on because I only own #9 Jelly. 

covergirl oh sugar lip balm swatches
Photo source:
Fresh: It does not have the "granulated sugar" feeling. The colors from the collection are pretty sheer.  I also find that the moisture stays a bit longer with the Fresh balms. Something different is that these lippies have SPF 15, making this product not only treating your lips but also protecting them. It has 12 colored shades and 1 clear balm to choose from. I tried both the Rose and clear. Here I am inserting a photo from, the swatches do not include the whole collection either.

Photo Source:
3) Scent
In my opinion they smell/ taste the same! They both have a citrus/ lemon scent. If you accidentally lick you lips, they both taste really sweet. The scent doesn't bother me, I am so glad the Covergirl one does not smell like plastic.

4) Packaging
Surprisingly, the packaging was not the reason why I thought the two brands may be comparable. The Covergirl one comes in their usual lipstick packaging, a squared, rectangle tube. Whereas the Fresh one comes in a cylinder tube, you have to twist/(screw) on the lid. I think Fresh has better packaging, especially for those who likes to carry their lip products with them because no matter how your lip products move around in the bag, the lid will not come off. I am not saying that the lid for the Covergirl comes off easily, but there is the possibility because it is just a simple click on lid.

5) Prices/ Accessibility
CoverGirl: .
$ 7 CAD 0.13 oz
From walmart/ Shoppers Drug Mart/London drugs/ drugstore 

$28 CAD 0.15oz

I find that both products works pretty much the same! The scent, texture and finishes are almost identical. The major difference for me is that the color tint for the Covergirl stays longer and the moisturizing feeling of the Fresh stays longer. Fresh is about 4 times more expensive than Covergirl. I really enjoyed both balms, if I want to purchase another one, I will try and see if I can find a color from the Covergirl line first. However, buying lip products at the drugstore is tricky, because you usually can't test the color on the lips (sanitary reasons), and swatch a color on the back of the hand is totally different than swatching on the lips! I would recommend both brands, it's up to you to decide what you want from the balms, longer lasting tint? or longer hydration? 

That's all for today, have you tried either of these products? Which one do you like better?  Also, let me know what you think about comparison posts, and let me know what other product comparisons you want to see.

Yours Truly,


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Saturday, March 19, 2016

[Review] Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub and Pore Cleanser

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing with you my review of the new Biore Banking Soda Cleansing line! I tried out the Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub and the Baking Soda Pore Cleanser. I received the products complimentary of Influenster; a product review program, however, all opinions are my own. Baking soda has always been known for deep cleaning, there are so many DIY cleanser for face, clothes, anything revolving baking soda on Pinterest. Last year, baking soda was featured in many Asian makeup/ skincare brands; for example, Etude House has the baking powder face cleansing line too! Anyways, I'm excited to see the Baking Soda cleansing line from Biore, because it is much more accessible for us in North America!

Quick Notes on my skin
  • Sensitive
  • Dehydrated otherwise normal
  • Occasional oily t-zone
  • Occasional flaky nose

Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub

It starts with just powder, then you add water to it. It turns into foam like magic!! It has a minty scent when I use it, not tingly but the scent is really refreshing and not overpowering. After I rinse off my face, my face is really soft, I literally feel like I have a clean face! It also wakes me up! The scrub is very gentle but it works!

A few downside though, it took me a bit longer to make sure I rinse my face thoroughly. What I meant was, my face feels slippery so I wasn't sure if there was any residue. Also, after I pat dry my face, my face feels a bit dryer than usual. It does not bother me too much because I use this once a week for a deep cleanse plus I moisturize after I cleanse anyways!

Baking Soda Pore Cleanser

I love a good pore cleaning cleanser! I love the little scrubbing beads, they are so gentle but I can totally feel them working. It has a refreshing scent which helps to wake me up in the morning. This is a great daily morning cleanser for me. It is also great for anyone who applies moisturizer or makeup in the morning. First, it cleanses out any residue makeup from the night before. Second, it allows my skin to absorb the moisturizer much better. Third, it allows my foundation to go on smoother and not flake off.

I usually like to remove my make up with my night time cleanser. I don't recommend using this to remove residue makeup, especially on the eyes. It stings!!!!!!!! I will continue using this as a day cleanser and not use this around the eye area, other then that I really like it!

This is marketed for combination skin, so I let a mystery tester (aka. Mr. A) try it out too.  He like that there's no perfume scent to it. It made his skin feels awake and refreshed. He also commented that his face does not feel dry after using it. He has combination skin so it works even better on his skin!

Prices/ Accessibility.
Scrub: Around $12 CAD 128g
Cleanser: Around $8 CAD 200ml
From: London Drugs/ Shoppers Drug Mart/Walmart/It's everywhere!

I really enjoy both of the products. While I do not have significant combination skin, both products still worked well on my skin. Extra moisturization is necessary after deep cleansing, so even though the scrub dried out my skin a bit, it does not bother me that much. If you have really dry skin, I don't think this product is right for you, at least don't use this too often. I really appreciate that there are no chemical/ perfume scents to both of the products, I will continue using the scrub, once every week or every two weeks depending on the weather and my skin condition. As for the cleanser, I will only use it in the morning, maybe once every two day because I have other cleanser to go through! 

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know what you think! 

Yours Truly,


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*I received this product complimentary from Influenster and Biore but all opinions are my own. Check out Influenster by clicking the Influenster Icon the the right side of the blog, or check out @influenster on social media

Sunday, March 13, 2016

[Review] Lise Watier HydraForce Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme


I enjoy exploring new skincare products! I was so excited to try the Lise Watier Hydra Force Comforting Creme. I received this product for free from Glam Sense to test it out but all opinions are my own. I have been trying this product out for a couple of weeks now and today, I want to share my opinion with you!

Quick Notes on my skin
  • Sensitive
  • Dehydrated
  • Occasional oily t-zone
  • Occasional flaky nose

Let's get started!

1) Company Product Claims
It claims that the skin is fortified, protected, soft, smooth and radiant. The new Canadian line of weatherproof moisturizer. Instrumental measurements prove that skin is 3X more hydrated 

2) Special Ingredient
The formula’s effectiveness lies on the remarkable power of GaspĂ© Algae Extract. A survivor of harsh environments, the GaspĂ© algae has developed a highly efficient resistance system, enabling it to thrive in severe conditions. Its extract guarantees the skin’s global hydration, transforming it into a veritable defensive shield.

3) Formula

The creme is light weight, not thick at all, absorbs into the skin easily, and quickly. The formula is not running, easy to spread around the face and massage into the skin. My skin feels hydrated and moisturized after application. One thing I really like is that it does not give me the sticky, oily feeling after I applied. This product is marketed for dry to normal skin, but I think it is even suitable for people who has slight oily skin. As for my sensitive skin, I am happy to report, my skin have no reaction to this product!

4) Scent
It has a slight scent to it. I wouldn't say it is heavily fragrant because the scent is not obnoxious, and the scent goes away after application. The scent does not bother me at all even though I usually prefer moisturizer that is un-scented. 

5) Packaging

Honestly, I find it amusing that every moisturizer I've used, that claimed "hydration", all have similar packaging. They usually have blue container with a white cap or just blue packaging. This packaging is really nice, the container itself is made with glass and it also has a stopper underneath the lid. The size of the container fits perfectly in my palms, considering my hands are pretty small. This means that it's easy to hold in your hands while you are grabbing the products. This is important for me, because the product can easily slip out of my hands if it is hard to grasp.

6) Prices/ Accessibility.
$ 45 CAD 45ml
From: London Drugs/ Shoppers Drug Mart/

7) Hydration Tool and APP

This Hydration Tool and App is really fun and cool. After downloading the Hydra-Detect App on your phone, just plug the little too into the headphone jack. Gently press the sensor (the 2 little wings) onto your skin and wait for a little audio alert. Then the screen will show you the hydration level of your skin. If it is below a certain level, it will ask you to apply the cream and measure it again. You can see an instant change on the hydration level. It is fun to play with the app once or twice but honestly, I wouldn't use this reguarly. The little graph at the bottom shows you the change in your skin's hydration level from the last time you measured. However, the graph is quite vague and does not tell you much about the skin. 

Here's a couple of the screenshots from the app:

Honestly, if it was not for the Glam Sense program, I would probably not hear about this product. So I am thankful for the opportunity to try out this cream. I truly love it and I have been talking to my friends about this creme after the I first started using this on my skin. I notice the difference in my skin's hydration level, especially the way my foundation apply on the skin. My skin does not flake as much as I did before. Also, the dryness on my skin improves every week as I use the cream, I can't wait to compare my skin a month from now. This is such a great product for anyone who needs extra hydration! If you want to learn more about this product, you can search using #GetIntheBubble

I attended the HydraForce event on March 4th, and I got to try out other products from the HydraForce line. I try the gel cream and the lip balm from the same line, I purchased the lip balm right away, and is loving it!! That's all for today, stay tune for the review on the lip balm in a few weeks.

Yours Truly,

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*I receive this product for free from the GlamSense program on, all opinions are my own. You can learn more about the program from by following GlamSense on Instagram: @glamsense

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February 2016 Favorites


This monthly favorites will be a very short one even though we got an extra day in February this year! I was sick for about half of February, so beauty was not on the top of my list. I guess the "theme" for February was to keep it minimal, presentable and fast.

I have really been enjoying the Chanel Le Blanc Light Creator Brightening Makeup Base. It is a yellow tinted liquid makeup base that brightens up my complexion. It also have SPF 35 in it to protect my skin. On the days I don't wear foundation, I will still use this to brighten up my face so my skin doesn't look dull. Then I will dust on some translucent powder to set it and I'm good to go. I really notice a difference when I use this when I was sick it helped me look less like a zombie.

In addition to brightening up my face, I would dust on my Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush to make myself look more alive and awake. I really like how natural the colours are when I swirl them together. I did a review on the blush earlier in February, here's the link to the post if you are interested.

Lastly, it's a new product for me. I have been waiting to get my hands on the Sephora Give Me Some Nude Lip Kit. It was sold out for so long and one day I saw two kits at the check out line. From the kit, I finally get to try the Nars Lipstick in Dolce Vita. It is a sheer dusty rose color and I fell in love with the color after the first swatch. I can't believe it took me this long to try out this lipstick. This is definitely an everyday color for me. I find that it enhances my natural lip color, not bold at all. It is not drying and feels comfortable on the lips. Since the color is close to my lip color, I don't have to worry about retouching up though out the day. As it fades, it is not patchy and not that noticeable. Love it!!

Like a said, my aim for February was to keep the makeup minimal, natural looking, and done fast. The 3 products in particular, helped me achieved that, and allowed to be "presentable" even when I am sick. They are definitely a part of my daily routine, especially for school days! I have been testing out a couple new products towards the end of February, they didn't make it to the favourites but you will be hearing about these products soon! Happy March everyone!

Yours Truly,


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