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[Review] Chanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush


You might have saw this product from my birthday haul on Instagram. I saw this in a magazine around Christmas and I ordered it for my birthday gift from Holt Renfrew before it was launched. I was so happy to finally see it in person! Let's get into it.

The packaging is like Chanel's usual black box. When you open it, there's two velvet pouches. One of it contains the blush itself, the other contains a small angled blush brush. I like how the brush is not in the compact. It means I get a bigger pan, which allows me actually dip my blush brush in the pan.

The brush is in pretty good quality. It's an angled blush brush. Even though it is really tiny, but I usually save it for my travel makeup bag. The brush allows you to be very precise of which color you pick up because this blush contains five different colors.

This blush has the "interlaced-ribbon" design, hence the name. The "ribbons" are made up by five beautiful colors. Including a pale pink, fushia pink, rose, beige, and coral/orange, color. When you look in the pan, it looks like there's shimmer/ glitters. However, when applied on the cheeks, it leaves a radiant, satin finish. The texture of the blush is really smooth and soft. The powder is finely milled, very good quality! They lasted on my cheeks for a decent amount of time, sometimes I forget I have it on until I removed my makeup and saw the pink/ orange color on the cotton pad. (sounds so bad)

Now about the colors:
This collection is inspired by the L.A. sunrise, the color in the pan really reminds me of sunrise here the sky is filled with different colors, warm and cool toned. Like I mentioned, it is made up of five beautiful colors, you can use them separately or swirl them together or swirl only a couple colors together. I like them swirled together, it gives me a beautiful everyday appropriate color. Here is a swatch picture of the blush colors. The colors are quite pigmented when I swatch with my fingers. However, if I use a blush brush, the color does not go on that heavy, it is buildable like any other Chanel's powder blushes.

Left to right: orange, pale pink, fushia, beige, rose, all together.
Please excuse the background color, I had to make the picture darker so the color is more visible on my arm.

One thing I don't like is the scent. When I opened the box, it has a really strong scent I couldn't even describe, till now I can still smell it on the blush and the packaging. I can't really describe the scent but it's not something I like. Another thing that bother me is that I love to swirl all the colors together, but if I continue, the pen will no longer look as "clean" as it is now! I mean, you won't be able to get a clear swatch of individual color, because colors will "contaminate" each other. But that is for me to worry about in the future.

Product Detail:
Collection: Spring 2016 L.A. Sunrise Collection
Price: $57 CAD
Available: The bay, Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew
I believe it is limited edition

Final thoughts...I think this product is amazing. It allowed me to try on different colors with just one blush. The price is reasonable for me, because to me, it feels like I bought 6 blushes for $57, plus the good quality. I really recommend anyone who loves collecting blush palette to get it, even if you don't use it, it's so beautiful to look at. If I can't watch sunrise in LA in the morning, at least I have the palette to look at. I also recommend this to people who are new to blushes, because you get to try out so many colors and the color is buildable so you can't really mess it up. (I feel as if I'm talking about myself!)

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