Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 2015 Favorites


I hope you all had a great month. I was buried under exams and assignment.  I did not get a chance to try a lot of new products this month. instead I found myself using pretty much the same products from previous months. However I did do some shopping during October, I just did not have time to test and play around with them. If you want to see a shopping haul, first impressions or reviews, let me know! Also follow me on Instagram @judyy116 since I usually post Insta Hauls, food etc. more often. You can also get a sneak peak of some upcoming posts there!

1. Nivea Nourishing In-Shower Body Milk

I am the type of person that does not have the patient to put on lotion, wait for it to sink in, then put on clothes. I  also do not like the sticky, greasy feeling from applying thick creams even though I feel like the thin, almost liquid type of lotion does not do anything for my skin. So instead, I usually opt out for body lotion. When I saw this product on the commercial, I really want to give it a try. I have been using this everyday since I got it and I have to share it with you!

Here is how I use it. I would shower as usual, then apply this all over just like a normal body wash. After that just rinse it and dry myself with my towel. It is that easy! It leaves my skin super soft, smooth, moisturized and smelling awesome! The first time I used it, I thought the product was difficult to rinse off, because my skin was feeling really silky ( it reminds me of hair conditioner residue). Then I realized that there will be a layer of lotion on the skin (Duh!), the "residue" feeling goes away after I dry myself. My skin feels as soft the second day and I can still smell the product. It is not a perfume scent, it smells like the normal Nivea face cream!  I encourage anyone who hates body lotion but needs moisturization to try.

2. Laneige Skincare + makeup

At the end of October, I finished all my previous skin care products. I decided to switch over my skincare products to Laneige skincare line. I bought the Laneige Hydration Trial Kit for $38 CAD that includes a multi cleanser, power essential toner, balancing emulsion, water bank serum, water bank moisture cream, and water sleeping mask. I also got a full size brightening sparkling water foam cleanser. So far I have been loving all the products, my skin feels hydrated and has no allergic reaction! I already bought the full size of the face cream and serum during vib sale! I think I'm ready to do an updated skincare routine post. There are no alcohol contained in any of these products!

I also finished my favorite foundation, the covergirl outlast fabulous foundation ( review here). I bought the Laneige bb cushion during the vib sale too. I'm in the shade light. This is so convenient to use, it looks natural on the skin too. I love that you get to control how much product you put on the skin without wasting a lot of product on your hands. This is about $44 CAD but it comes with a refill, so technically it's $22 per cushion.

3. Chanel Perfume

I have been obsessed with Chanel fragrance lately. I am especially in love with Chance-eau vive and Chanel no.5-premiere. Chance-eau vive is fresh and gives me feel energy, whereas the no. 5 makes me feel warm, sophisticated. I really like to use no.5 during colder days. The Chanel no. 5 premiere is a lighter, less concentrated version of the original no. 5 and it smells really nice. I never really enjoyed the smell of the original no. 5, it's way too strong and does not suit me at all.

4. YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in No.70 Le Nu

I found this mini YSL Trio during the VIB sale, I never knew they came out with this set because it wasn't on the website. I'm so glad I found this because this nude shade is perfect for me. It is really hard for me to find a nude shade that looks natural and doesn't make me look sick. The other nude lipstick that suits me is Naked from Urban Decay.

Swatches on top is Marc Jacobs. Bottom is YSL
5. Sephora VIB Rouge Marc Jacobs Lipstick

One last thing... I qualified for VIB Rouge during the vib sale and I received a mini Marc Jacobs lipstick in the shade So Rouge as a welcoming gift. This is my first time trying a Marc Jacobs lipstick and I think I'm loving it. It is a beautiful true red! I believe this is a VIB Rouge exclusive shade, I'm so happy to receive this.

I think this is everything new from this month, I still love everything from previous months. I am currently trying out a retractable kabuki brush and a eye shadow quad from Chanel,  so far so good, maybe it will be in my favorites next month! December is going to be crazy, good luck everyone!

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  1. I see Nivia products. I like their lotions

  2. Such a great haul!

    I used to wear nothing but Chanel perfumes. My favorites are No 19 (which was Coco's personal perfume if I remember right) and No 22 (which is so earthy and strong). It's a shame that 19 is so hard to find anymore. I had the whole collection. I even put some of the lotion, which had gold flake in it, in my hair when I blow dried.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Vonnie.

      My Chanel perfume collection has been growing rapidly since last summer. I found No.19 as roller ball at a duty free store in Japan!! Wow, whole collection, I only have 3 lol!