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May 2015 Favorites

Wow!  I remember starting this blog with my April Favorites, it feels like April was just yesterday! I can't believe May is already over.

May was more of a "rediscover" month for me. I purchased some new products toward the end of May, but I could not include that in my favorites because some packages have not arrived yet. There are also products that I just purchased few days ago, I don't think it would be fair to say they are my May favorites. Let's get started!

1) Guerlain- La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Toilette 

The weather has been really warm here in Vancouver, I figured it was time to bring out my summer perfume stash. I've talked about this in a previous post (My Perfume Collection), you can click on the link and read more about it there! 

2) Guerlain- Rouge Automatique in Mitsouko140

I got this lipstick last winter and never had a chance to wear it. Mitsouko 140 is a shimmery coral color with a mix of orange and pink. It definitely screams summer to me! I typically don't like shimmery/ frosty color but since it's a summer lipstick, I made an exception! The color fades through out the day; however, it fades out naturally and does not look patchy at all. The formula is quite smooth and not drying. Packaging looks luxurious, the gold and the automatic lever!!!I have to admit; however, when applying this lipstick, I feel that the packaging is a little too bulky, other than that it's awesome!

3)YSL VOLUPTÉ Sheer Candy - Glossy Balm Crystal Color in 15 Rose Candy

Left to right: YSL, Guerlain

I mentioned this in my April Favorites, check it out if you haven't already. This is truly an everyday color for me because the color is quite sheer and it's not frosty. The color stays on my lips for a long time and it does not dry out my lips. Also, it tastes yummy! This color is now only available on Sephora's website (exclusive color for Sephora). Go check it out! 

4) ELF- Stipple Brush

This is a rediscover favorite. E.L.F brushes were the first ever brushes I bought when I first started. They are so affordable and most of them have pretty good quality. This one was from their Studio Line, $3 each. This stipple brush was meant for foundation, and that was the reason why I got it. However, I realized this brush is actually not dense enough for the flawless foundation look I like. Right now I'm using this brush for my blush. As you can see in the picture, the brush tip is pink. I like to dip this brush in my blush and stipple it on my face. It gives the blush a more natural look and it's fool proof because it allows me to build up the blush color layer by layer.

If you have a blush that is way too pigmented, you can try using a stippling brush. It will give you more control over how much color you want on your face.

5) ELF- Complexion Perfection "Cool"

Another rediscover product. This is actually my second repurchase. Like I mentioned earlier, E.L.F was the first makeup brand I have ever purchased from. This is one of the product I bought in my first purchase, and I loved it! After I finished the first one, I never bought one again because it is only available on the ELF website in the states. Fortunately, I received this as a gift recently and I finally remember how much I love this! 

Anyways, this is a complexion perfection powder that has blue, pink, green and yellow powder. You need to use a fluffy powder brush to swirl is all around. Mine is in the color "cool" but I believe they came out with  a "warm" tone also. This corrects my skin color really nicely. Lately when I don't feel like foundations or CC cream. I would apply concealer to needed area and use this powder all over the face. It sets my concealer and brightens up my skin. It's like magic!! This has no shimmer whatsoever so it's suitable for all skin type. Use a primer or moisturizer that suits your skin type underneath will give you a even better result. 

6) Stila-Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Dark Brown

This is one of the best liquid eye liners I have ever tried. It is easy to control and it really stays on all day through rain or sweat without any primer. I have both the black and the dark brown one but I prefer dark brown because I think it looks more natural. One thing to remember is that it dries and set really fast, have your cotton swab and eye makeup remover ready to clean off the edges.

7) Urban Decay- 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil in Ozone

I received this in my May IPSY Glam Bag. I love it! I have been using it almost every day, It does not dry out my lips and it goes well under my lipstick. It grasps on to my lipstick and really help the lipstick color stay on longer. I've also noticed that it's easier to remove lipstick at the end of the day if I use this under the lipstick. I would definitely purchase the full size when I am finish this. 

Well that's all for my May favorites! I know there's not much this month but a lot of the products I am currently using were favorites from last month, that's how much I love them! Subscribe to my blog if you don't want to miss my future posts, there may be a few hauls(?) first impressions(?) my collections(?) in the up coming weeks. haha Let me know what you were loving in May and also what you would like to see next! Follow me on my instagram (@judyy116) for insta hauls, foods and many other random posts! Also email me if you have any questions or just want to talk (

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