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[Collection] Part 5: Mascara Collection 2016


Welcome to part 5 of my collection. Today I'm sharing with you my current mascara collection. I'm so surprised I have this many mascaras, I don't even use mascara that often. My struggle with mascara is that, my lashes are really soft and stubborn. My lashes fall back down after applying mascara. Even though it looks like I have a lot of mascaras, but I'm almost done with some of them here. Name with a * will be out of my collection within 2 weeks.

*Chanel Le Volume Mascara (in 90 Noir Khol)

  • It is a true voluminous mascara. I don't think it suits my lashes well, the volume is too heavy for my lashes so my lashes do not stay curled. I find it a little overpriced but I was lucky to receive this as a free sample.

Estee Lauder- Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

  • I haven't try this one yet because I still have lots of mascaras in use.

Lancome- Hypnose Mascara (01 Noir Midnight)

  • I haven't try this one yet either.

Givenchy-Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

  • This is the one that has a really interesting wand, but I haven't try this mascara yet.

Elizabeth Arden- Lash Enhancing Mascara

  • I like this mascara too! It makes my lashes appear longer and voluminous, a little more than the "natural" look but I really enjoy it. It doesn't flake off through out the day but I never put it through the waterproof test. 

*Clinique- High Impact Mascara

  • A pretty standard mascara, it works well but nothing too special

**Essence- Lash Princess Volume Mascara

  •  Essence is such an affordable line, and the products have pretty good quality. I really like Essence's Mascaras, they hold a curl really well. This one in particular gives a really natural but voluminous look 

Benefit- Roller Lash

  • I bought it because supposedly it holds curls really well and you don't need to curl your lashes before hand. I enjoy this mascara because I can use it without a lash curl but you need to apply many coats before it actually curls. I don't use this as much because after several coats it looks to unnatural. 

*Covergirl- Full Lash Bloom

Hmm..It's really hard to say which mascara I use the most, I just pick up whatever I see but I know I reach for Covergirl full lash bloom, Benefit Roller Lash and Essence more than others. What's your trusted mascara you can't live without?

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*Disclaimer: my makeup collection posts are not meant to brag, I wanted to document what I own and I was also requested to share. I know I have a lot of makeup, I'm trying to downsize and use everything I have, that's why I'm on a no buy!

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