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[Collection] Part 7: Line 'em Lips 2016


We are almost at the end of my entire makeup collection. Phew...Okay for Part 7, I am sharing my lip liners collection. This post will be a short one but spoiler alert, next part will be the lipsticks. (it's going to be crazy!)

Marc Jacobs-Poutliner Longwear Lip Liner Pencil ( Primrose 304  )
  • This is such a pretty nude/ pink color! The color is long lasting, it doesn't slide around on the lips. I find it a little dry when I apply it all over the lips, so I don't recommend wearing this on its own.
Model Co- Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner
  • Again, a pretty nude color. The actual color of the lip liner looks nothing like the color showed on the end of the pencil. I don't like how it "taste/ smell", 
Colour Pop (in lumiere)
  • I bought this because of the Youtube Kathleen Lights. It has a purple/ mauve color. The formula of this lip pencil is pretty nice, it's not drying and it doesn't tug my lips. However,t don't think the color suit me that well and that I'm not a fan of how colorpop lip product smell like. 
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil (in Ozone)
  • This is one of my most used lip liner because it is clear and goes with every lip color! This one is also not drying and doesn't pull the lips. I recommend this to anyone who uses creamy/ super hydrating lipstick formulas.
Covergirl Lip Perfection (in Passion)
  • Another one of my favourite! I think this may be one of my first lip liners, don't worry this is my second one! The formula is amazing, glides on nicely but doesn't slide around afterwards. The shade I have is a mid tone to warm red color, I first got it for my dance recital because it is super vibrant!! To make it more everyday I would wear this lip liner and apply Urban Decay's lipstick in Naked (a nude color) to tone it down. Definitely recommend this!
Jordana Lip Liner (in 37 Cabaret)
  • Cabaret is a beautiful deep red/ berry color. I wear this more during the colder days. I have have a match Jordana lipstick in the same shade, but I usually wear this liner on its own or underneath my Chanel lipgloss. It can be a little drying after few hours but it is really long wearing.  
Chanel Lip Liner (in Natural)
  • Honestly, don't use this one much. This is super nude, almost like my skin color. If I wear this all over my lips, it will really wash me out. I usually put a sheer color lipgloss over it, it will make the lip glosser color pop! I don't think this is a must have item~~~~
Loreal (transparent)
  • Don't really like this one, it's quite stiff so it pulls my lips quite a bit.
Mac Lip Liner (in Ruby Woo)
  • I love the color, the very famous Ruby Woo red from M.A.C. Unfortunately, like the lipstick formula, this one can be a bit dry if you apply to the whole lips. I usually, apply some in the center then smudge it out with clear lipgloss to make it more comfortable to wear. This one is also very long wearing, even though the color may not be as vibrant after I eat but it definitely stain the lips. Remember to use a lip makeup remover to remove it at the end of the day, you will be very amazed how much product is left on your lips.
That's all my lip liners, I use the Urban Decay, Jordana, and Covergirl most often, especially the Urban decay one, since it is transparent and goes with everything! I suggest not spending your money on the Chanel one unless you find a pretty color for everyday. I think drugstore has lots of great lip liners, like Jordana, Covergirl, etc., so you don't break your bank that easily! What's your very lip liner?

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*Disclaimer: my makeup collection posts are not meant to brag, I wanted to document what I own and I was also requested to share. I know I have a lot of makeup, I'm trying to downsize and use everything I have, that's why I'm on a no buy!

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