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[Collection] Part 6: Eyeliners, Brows, Single Shadow Collection 2016


I hope you are enjoying my collection so far. This time I don't really have a clever name for this category, basically everything to do with the eye makeup except the eyeshadow palettes. There are quite a lot of products in this categories, lets get started!


1) Benefit- they're real push up liner
  • I do not recommend this eyeliner. It is supposedly a "gel liner" in a tube form, but I find it really hard to use because it dries up so quickly and it just does not go on smoothly. Also, once it dries up on the lid, it's really difficult to take off.
2) Marc Jacobs- Highliner gel eye crayon eyeliner (in 42 black)
  • This is one of my new favorites, it is a true "gel" eye crayon. It looks like normal pencil liner but it glides on just like a gel. It goes on smoothly and does not tug the lids. Once it set, it's not going anywhere. Also, it has a twist up tube so I don't have to sharpen it.
*3) Benefit- bad gal waterproof liner

  • A really normal eyeliner, except that it is waterproof, nothing else is special.

4) Essence- gel eye pencil waterproof (in #2 around midnight)
  • I bought this liner because I wanted to try colored liner and I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. This is only around $2 ish. The color is not as vibrant as I imagined but it goes well with my blue eyeshadow. I've never tested this liner outside the house so I'm not sure about its lasting power. Something I don't like is that the tip is not sharp enough so it's not really precise.
5) The Balm Cosmetics- Mr. Write now (in Jac)
  • Hmm, I don't really like this liner. It broke before I try to swatch it, the color is not something I use. I'm not sure why I still have this in my collection.
6) Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils (in perversion, black velvet, smoke, sabbath)
  • They are so creamy, and it will smudge if I don't set it. The color is really pigmented so I hardly use the colored once.
7) Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils Naked 3 (in Darkside and Blackheart)
  • I'm not sure why I got this liner in the first place. The colors are from the Naked 3 palette, but I don't really reach for this liner even when I use the palette.
*8) Prestige- Waterproof automatic eyeliner
  • This was one of my first liners, it was the best one I owned back then. Now that I have other liners, this one isn't as good anymore. The application is okay, but the color is not that pigmented. Don't recommend it.
*9) Loreal- liquid pencil eyeliner
  • Also one of my first few liners, I used to love this so much. It's really black and it glides on so nicely. I wore this for my dance performances, and it didn't smudge on me. The color is super intense, just like a liquid liner. The product itself is buttery and smooth but it sits really well. Definitely need a good eye makeup remover to remove it tho. Honestly, I think I like it better than the Urban Decay ones. 
10) Stila- stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner (in *dark brown and black)
  • This is my trusty liner, it never fails me. The applicator is in a pen form so it's easy to apply. It's pigmented and once it sets, it's not moving at all. It lasts all day and does not flake off. It's truly waterproof after it sets, it also last through super hot day! Totally recommend it!
11) Illamasqua- precision ink (in abyss gloss black)
  • I also really like this one too! Easy to apply and pigmented! This is still fairly new to me, so I'm still playing around with it. 

1) Anastasia Brow Wiz (in dark brown and *soft brown )
  • They work really well, but I think it's overrated. This used to be raved about all over youtube, but it's just brow pencil/ crayon. I do like how they include a spooly on the other end, it's great to travel with.
2) OFRA- universal eyebrow pencil
  • Not my favorite, it's quite stiff. I kept it because I'm trying to like it.
*3) Chella- eyebrow pencil (in tantalizing taupe)
  • For a comparison between Chella and the Brow Wiz. (click here)

Single Shadows

1) Urban Decay shadow (in Sin and Scratch)
  • The shadow is so smooth and the colors are gorgeous. It's shimmery but not glittery, I can get away using this shadow everyday. My favorite of the two is Sin.
2) Be a Bombshell Cosmetics- cream shadow (in submissive)
  • It is my go to eye base, the color is suitable for everyday. I usually use this in combination with the Urban Decay shadow in Sin. 
3) Colour Pop- Birthday shadow
  • I made my first Colour Pop order during Colour Pop's 1st anniversary, they included this shadow with every order. The color is really pretty, but the glitters are too chuncky, I dont even use it.
4) Pixi- Fairy Dust (in brightening bare)
  • I don't like this applicator at all, so I don't reach for it at all.

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*Disclaimer: my makeup collection posts are not meant to brag, I wanted to document what I own and I was also requested to share. I know I have a lot of makeup, I'm trying to downsize and use everything I have, that's why I'm on a no buy!

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