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[Collection] Part 8: Drugstore Lipsticks, etc Collection 2016


Today, for part 8, I'm sharing my drugstore lipsticks collection, along with some brands I'm not sure where they belong. Let's get started!

1) Revlon Lip Butter 
(In 40 Red Velvet, 50 Berry Smoothie, 63 Wild Watermelon, 15 Tutti Frutti, 25 Peach Parfait )

Hopefully you are not a stranger to the Revlon Lip Butters. I used to be so obsessed over this because they are really moisturizing, and the color are not too bold. Most of the colors are quite sheer, but Red Velvet, Wild Watermelon and Tutti Frutti are quite "bold" and pigmented. The color are buildable but I find that if you put on too many layers, it has a plastic taste to it. I am not a big fan of the glitters in them, well, I just don't like glitter in lip products. Another con is that during summer times, it really does "melt" like butter if it gets too warm. They are not cheap for sheer lipsticks/ balm in the drugstore, but I usually buy them when they go on sale for half the price! Overall, I think they are pretty good for people who wants some color, moisture and don't want to worry too much about their lip color. Or lazy like me, who doesn't usually apply lippy in front of a mirror.

Here's the swatches of the lip butters
2) NYX Butter Lipstick 
(in BLS 17)

When I first tried this, it really reminds me of the old Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Naked. The color is really similar however, I find the NYX formula not as creamy, smooth. Still a really good drugstore lipstick and a great alternative to the $21 lipstick.

3) Covergirl Oh Sugar! 
(in Jelly)

I did a review/ comparison with the Fresh sugar lip treatment. ( here)

Swatches of the top row lipsticks

4) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 
(in shine 810 Pink Sizzle)

This is a traditional lipstick, nothing too special but it works well! Revlon's lipsticks come in so many different formula and colors. This one in particular has a shine finish. It's not drying at all, but the color will transfer. I got this color because it really reminds me of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 62 Monte Carlo, this one is a little pinker but the finish is the same.

5) Maybelline Matte Lipstick 
(in 665 Lust For Blush)

The formula is comfortable on the lips, not drying for a matte lipstick. However, I would probably stay away from Maybelline lipsticks for now because I really can't stand the smell of it. It has a strong vanilla/ cupcake smell and it's really not for me. This color is a pinky/ purple, supposedly, everyday color but it's not a color I can pull off that easily.

6) Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate lipsticks 
(in 110 and 17)

I really love these lipsticks, especially the color 110 (on the left). It's a really vibrant matte orangey red color (coral?!) . It's super pigmented and it lasts a long time, I can still see the tint on my lips at the end of the day. This lipstick can be a little drying if you wear it for a long time and you didn't moisturize your lips properly beforehand. Also I don't recommend wearing this one during the winter if you have flakey lips, it will look very uneven. Other than that, this is one of my favorite lipstick from the drugstore.

The one on the right I believe it's has more of a shine finish, but the color is a little to light on me and it's not as pigmented. I bought this one because I thought it can be a dupe for Urban Decay's lipstick in Naked, but it is wayyyy to different.

7) Jordana lipstick 
(in 011 Cabaret)

This lipstick was so cheap but it's really good! If you read my lip liner collection, you know I have the matching lip liner. The packaging looks really cheap but it gets its job done so it's fine. The color though, it's gorgeous. It looks super dark in the tube but when you apply it's a beautiful burgundy red color, I find it easily wearable during fall and winter times. It has a matte finish for the most part but I like to apply a little gloss on top of it. The scent though, it's watermelon. Yes, it straight up smells like watermelon. I wish more brands can do this, because I really can't stand the vanilla or plastic scent. It's pretty hard to find a full range of Jordana products, I usually see them at dollar stores but their quality is really awesome!

8) Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk (Dreaming Swan) Limited Edition
(in OR 225)

I really didn't know what I was thinking. Honestly, I'm attracted to this collection because it is limited edition, and it has ballerinas all over it! The lipstick is creamy and none drying. Application is very smooth and it doesn't highlight dry spots. However, this color does not suit me at all. I chose this orange one because I was in love with orange lipsticks and when I swatched the color on my hand it looks gorgeous, I have a couple other orange lipsticks but on my lips, this one is too orange and it seems like neon orange. (not as neon as highlighter but really neon). I really wished I picked out another color, because this lipstick is just sitting in my collection, I never reach for it. Good this the packing is really cute....

9) Covergirl lip perfection
(in 213)

I used to own the coral/ watermelon color from this line as well. I really like it because it's easy to apply and it smells like the traditional lipstick (some describe as old lady lipstick scent?!) I really like this formula, it's not drying, and it leaves a beautiful shine. Unfortunately, this color (213) in particular is too light and nude on my lips which washes me out. I got it because I thought it is similar to Clinique's chubby lip crayon in heaping hazelnut, supposedly a makeup bag must have lippy.

 Swatches from the bottom row

I hope you enjoyed this collection post and hopefully find it somewhat useful. Do you have any must have lipsticks from the drugstore?

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