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[Review] Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick and Katy Kat Eye Mascara


Today I have 2 exciting reviews to share with you! I have been playing around with the Katy Kat Matte Lipstick and Katy Kat Eye Mascara from Covergirl for awhile now, and I am finally able to share my thoughts about the products. A quick litter disclaimer: I am super lucky to receive these products from Bzzagent, however, I will only provide my honest and hype-free thoughts.

Let's get started!

This Buzzkit included:

1) One full-size Katy Kat Eye Mascara in Perry Blue
2) One-full size Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in Kitty Purry
Let's begin with the mascara...

My Lashes
I talked about this in my previous posts about mascaras, but just in case you didn't know already. I have decent length lashes, but they are stick straight. Every time I curl my lashes and put on mascara, my lashes fall right down and becomes stick straight again. It is always a mission to find something that will work without taking extra steps.

The Packaging and (Magic?!) Wand

It comes with a very simple white tube with bold black writings on it. Nothing fancy but it's quite nice. I worry that the packaging can get really messy if I'm not careful with my mascara. First thing I notice right away when I take out the wand. It seems to not have a stopper within the tube. I am not too sure if it was just a defect on my product or the formula was too wet. When I first take out the wand, there was wayyyyyyy too much product on the wand and the rim of the tube got really messy from me trying to scrape out the extra product. I didn't feel any resistant when I pull out the wand, so I knew something seemed to be missing.

Something I notice that was different from Covergirl's normal mascaras, they usually separates the actually mascara from the wand in its store packaging. But not this time!The wand itself is quite unique in my opinion, it's the spiral kind! According to Covergirl, this is the 360° Sculpting Brush which is supposed to allow you to sweep lashes up and out. It looks really promising, I mean it looks like it will grasp on my lashes nicely and it won't get clumpy. 


I chose the blue mascara because I've tried out so many black mascaras before and really wanted to try out something fun. At the time, I really wanted to try the YSL electric blue mascara, but for something I won't use everyday, I didn't want to spend all that money for it. I was so excited when I saw that I had the choice to choose the blue, score!! First of all, it is very very very blue, it made me very nervous but definitely very excited. Like I mentioned before, a ton of product came out all at once, I had to scrape it off slowly to actually see the bristles from the wand. First time using this mascara, the product is quite wet. Honestly, didn't like this mascara all the much at first. But after I pumped some air into it, the formula isn't as wet anymore and I actually like the formula! Something to be careful is that this formula dries pretty quickly on the lashes, So make sure you don't start with tons of products on the wand. 

Application, Thoughts?

Besides the "stopper" that either doesn't exist or not working. This mascara is pretty easy to apply. I tested out the application of the mascara in a couple ways. First, I curled my lashes and then apply, the mascara. My lashes actually stayed curled until I put on a second coat. I tried this out when the formula was still really wet, so that might affect the results a little. Moreover, I also tried it on my bare, uncurled lashes when the formula was drier. To my surprise it actually lifts up my stick straight lashes. Although it didn't have the falsies curled look, at least it gave me some slight curls! I also wiggle the wand from the roots of my lashes then lightly push and hold the wand on my lashes in the area where it's supposed to curl up. I find that this helps to lift on my lashes and maintain the curl better. Also, it prevents the lashes from clumping. On another note, there were no fall outs from the application and through out the day. It gave my lashes some volume and fullness but also separate them nicely. The blue is not intense at all but you can tell that it's a blue mascara up close. I like that the blue is subtle but you have the option to build it up, so people who are new to colored mascara (like me!) have control with the intensity. [ In the picture it doesn't look blue at all, I find that the blue is only clearly visible if you a) apply mulitple coats b) when you're in a brighter place!]

I would give the mascara a 3.5 out of 5 because I don't think the "stopper" was designed or put in place properly. I really love that I get to try out a colored mascara from the drugstore, but I know this won't be an everyday mascara for me because of the color. I really want to get the black version, because I really liked the formula (after a couple pumps of air to dry it up a bit) and the look it gave my lashes. I am glad that I didn't just give up on the mascara after the first try!

Now the lipstick...

The Packaging

Again a very simple white matte tube with bold black writings on it. Like other cover girl lipsticks, you can get a glimpse of the color from the bottom, and it also comes in he traditional squared tube.


On the tube it says "Katy Kat Matte", but it is actually a demi-matte lipstick. There are 11 colors in the range, and they have really cute names, anything along the lines of "a cat". For example, Crimson Cat, Maroon Meow, etc. The one I chose was Kitty Purry. According to Covergirl, these lipsticks are infused with nourishing butters like shea, and it is supposed to give you a matte look while being comfortable and not drying or flat. Also, the scent of the lipstick is not the traditional Covergirl lipstick, but like the Maybelline ones. I can't really describe it, maybe vanilla or something, not as strong though.

Application/ The Look

It glides on my lips really nicely, it didn't tug my lips at all. I tried it on without exfoliating and putting a lip balm, but it didn't get caught on dry patches or lines. The Kitty Purry color has a lilac hint to it, but it's still wearable for my skintone. I was worried it will wash me out but I think I can pull this color off with just some foundation. The color lasts pretty long on my lips, but it does feel dry after a while on the lips. It's not uncomfortable but I can feel the dry patches. So I would recommend exfoliating and moisturizing your lips beforehand, don't get fooled by the initial application! Another thing to note is that, my lips gets very dry after I remove the lipstick. Even when the lipstick still feel moisturizing on the lips. Make sure you remove it the proper way, like with bioderma or eyes& lips makeup remover, or make sure you put on lip balm afterwards!!!

I would give the lipstick a 4 out of 5 because I like the application and the finish. The color is also really pretty. Although it gets dry throughout the day and after I remove it, but it's easily preventable. For a drugstore lipstick, I'm totally okay to work around it. Plus, a matte lipstick that doesn't tug my lips, why not?!

Dupe Alert!

Covergirl Oh Sugar in Jelly/ Kity Purry/ Maybelline Lust for Blush

If you are someone who collects or own lots of drugstore lipsticks, you might already have this color in your collection. When I first apply this on my lips, the color and scent reminded me of  two other lippies I have in my collection. They are the Covergirl Oh Sugar in 09 Jelly and Maybelline Matte lipstick in Lust of Blush. Though they are all similar in color but the Maybelline and the Katy Matte are much closer dupes. From the color, scent and formula. They both applies smoothly on the lips, but I find the Maybelline one much drier and shows up a little more purple on my lips and a tad bit drier during application. Also the scent is much stronger. Other than that they are really really similar. If you already have that Maybelline one in your collection, you should consider trying a different color from the Katy Kat Matte Lipstick range!!

Have you tried out anything from the KATY PERRY X COVERGIRL line? Would you want to try out the blue mascara as well?

Yours truly,


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Disclaimer: I got these products free from Covergirl and Bzzagent; however, all opinions are my own. #KatyKatMatte #KatyKatEye

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