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July IPSY Glam Bag Unboxing


I finally received my June IPSY bag . This month I didn't really see any sneak peak photos via IPSY's  Instagram page, so everything is a surprise to me.

It's about mid summer now, and it is all about vibrant color and beach themed. I think this is the first time, I feel that IPSY really captured the essence of the related month, also I can see a theme connection between all the items in my bag. This is off to a pretty good start!

Octavio La Playa Salt Spray (2 fl.oz)

According to the company description, this is a sea salt spray infused with Algae Extract for creating natural texture and volume to the hair. This is made in the USA and has the bunny sign that says "no animal testing"!

I love the packaging, it looks clean and reminds me of Santorini. The clean white packaging and the blueish writings! The product has a fresh scent which I really like.

I mentioned it before, I really don't like getting hair products. Also, I got a few sea salt sprays from other brands, honestly, they just sit there in my vanity, few months a I said no to hair products in my IPSY Quiz, but I am still getting in every week. If anyone knows how to avoid it, please let me know!!!!

Having said that, this is a good product. Compared to other sea salt spray I tried before, this does not leave a sticky feeling in my hair. I really recommend this to people who likes sea salt spray!

Size: My sample is 2 fl. oz, full size is 4 fl. oz
Price: $15.50 (4 fl.oz)
Place: You can find it on octaviomolinahair.com

Aurora Gel Effect Nail Lacquer

I was so excited when I see this in the bag. I have always wanted to try gel nail polish, but I never bought the UV lamp for the polish. I did not really know what color this polish is, it looks red at first glance, then it looks coral and hot pink! The name of the color is: 4 Alarm Fire #112. (Certainly didn't help me decide what color it was)What ever the color is, I really love it for the hot summer days.

It has a pretty standard nail polish bottle, nothing fancy, just simple. (Which is great!) The brush is the right size and length, not too narrow, not too wide! The formula is smooth, easy to apply without streaks.

On the Aurora website, it says to use the Gel Effect Top Coat for optimal results, I wish that IPSY would include a small Top Coat, to make the experience more complete.

Size: 0.42 fl. oz (12 ml)
Price: $12
Place: auroracosmeticsny.com

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

It is a exfoliating cleanser enriched with papaya, micro-crystals and Aloe. According to the company website, it is a powerful scrub that brightens, exfoliates and cleanses gently with instant results for soft, smooth and radiant skin. It's great for men and women, even if you have sensitive skin( like me!) This product is made in Canada! It's 99% natural (very precise! haha), 100% vegan. Not tested on animals!

I tried it on my hand right away. I was able to feel the micro beads but it is not too harsh, it did not leave any red scrubbing mark on my hand. Again, it has a fresh scent, I don't really know how to describe it. The scent is soft, maybe from the papaya?!

I think this product is perfect for summer because I exfoliate a little more often in summer. It's nice and gentle and does not have a overpowering fragrance. I would not mind receiving something from Vasanti in the future!
Size:Mine is 20g and the full size is 120g (6 month supply)
Price: $34 CAD (120g)
Place: http://vasanticosmetics.com/ca

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess

Description on Sephora "An oil-free bronzer that fuses earthly minerals with naturally-derived ingredients for a natural-looking finish. It contains Skinvigorating™ ingredients like vitamins A and E, which act as antioxidants. It's infused with mineral pigments that are known for their soothing and softening properties. " - Sephora.ca

I have tried the amazonian clay blushes from Tarte before, but I never bought them. I am really excited to get this bronzer !!

The packaging is a really cute compact. It's plastic, and the top has a crocodile texture. However, there's no mirror inside, I know that the full sized product has it. I wish there's a mirror in it, but since the compact is quite small, the mirror probably won't be really useful anyways.

The Park Avenue Princess shade is beautiful. It's a highly pearled light yellow gold. I think it's a pretty light color, it's really difficult to put on too much. Basically fool proof! I would use this as a blush/bronze color when I don't want too much product on my face. It creates a beautiful and natural glow because it does not have chunky glitter pieces.

Size: Mine is 0.11oz Full size is 0.32 oz.
Price: $36 CAD (0.32oz)
Place: Sephora.ca/ /tartecosmetics.com

Left: Tarte Bronzer/ Right: Be a Bombshell Lip Balm

Be a Bombshell Lip Balm in Ruby

I received an eye base from Be A Bombshell cosmetics before, it has really good quality. So I have high expectation for this product.

This is a tinted moisturizing lip balm. The packaging is just like a typical lip balm. There's no fragrance and no plastic smell. The texture is creamy and smooth but not oily. It is not super long lasting, but it's expected with a lip balm.

The pigmentation is on the sheer side. As in when I swatched on my hand, it does not look like the color in the tube. This is supposed to be a true warm red color. Because it's sheer, your natural lip color will peek through when you apply it, but I really enjoy the color. This is going to be in my summer makeup bag for sure.

Size: 0.16 oz I believe this is a full size
Price: $14
Place: beabombshellcosmetics.com

This is a pretty good month for me. I love all the products. I think they have really good quality.

This is going to be a...


I only give it at 4.5/5 because I really didn't like receiving that sea salt spray. It's a really good spray, and I am using it, I am just not too fond of continuously receiving sea salt hair texture spray. Again, I need to emphasize that if you are a texture spray user, you will really enjoy it!

I hope you enjoy reading what I got in my July bag, If you are subscribed to IPSY, what did you get in your July bag? Do you like it? 

That's all for this post, see you again next time!

Yours Truly,


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