Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Series+ Updates!


I am going to start a new series called [Try it Out]. I was going through my makeup/ skin care stash and realized how much sample packs I have been hoarding. I love getting samples to try things out, but sometimes there are just too many that I end up forgetting them.

Look! This is just half the stash I own....

I went through everything, threw away the expired ones and put the rest together. I then have an idea to start a new blog post category. Since those samples are tiny, usually not enough to do a full review, I will do some first impressions, or mini review if I have enough product. I will then tell you whether I think it is worth it to get a full size and test the product out more. I will post at least once each week, depending on how big the samples are.

I am excited for this, I can finally put the samples through the test! Let me know if this is something you want to see. If you have a better name for the category, let me know too! I'll try to think of a better and more creative name. See you soon in the upcoming posts.


I know I have not been posting as often. I have been traveling and it is also the mid to end of the semester in my school, which is super busy! However, I am still posting on Instagram (@judyy116) and Twitter (@jtingsdiary). Follow me there to get updates, mini hauls, food photos!

The post on my Seattle Trip and Seattle haul is coming, I promise!! It makes me so happy that someone is messaging me and asking why those posts are not up yet! Thank you!!

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