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June 2015 Favorites

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It has been so long since I last wrote a blog post. It feels so good to be back! Even though I have not been posting any blog posts but I have been posting on Instagram! (@judyy116)

The month of June was hectic for me; meetings, midterm, travel....The weather was nice tho, maybe a little too nice (?!) I discovered some new favorites because of the HOT weather and I can't wait to share them with you.

1. Biore Powder Sheets

This is something I discovered in Taiwan and it has been a game changer. The product itself is like makeup remover sheets. The concept behind this product is like a "wet wipe" but when it dries, it feels like you applied powder. It also has a refreshing scent, floral or fruity. I chose the floral one. I first got it for the gym, to prevent myself from smelling bad after a workout. However, since it's super hot out, I actually bring it with me everywhere. It feels like "dry shampoo" but for your body, as it keeps you feel clean, smelling good! I have never seen this product in Canada, so I will definitely stock up when I travel to Taiwan next time. 

2. Maybelline Master Conceal

I know this product has been out for awhile now, but I just got it last month. It was on sale, I couldn't resist. Even though I love my Match Perfect from Rimmel, I just wanted to explore something different. A little goes a long way with this product, I have been using my Beauty Blender to press it into my skin, and it gives a flawless and long lasting coverage. I think this product is too thick to use with a brush or finger and it can easily cake up if you use too much or with the wrong tool.

3. Skin Aqua SARAFIT Sunscreen SPF 50+

This has to be my favorite discovery this month. I have been on a hunt for sunscreen over the last two month. I never really like sunscreen, because of the texture and the scent and after feeling. However, this product is NOTHING like that.

It does not have the sunscreen smell, and it absorbs really fast without any sticky feeling. It feels moisturizing but very lightweight. It goes well underneath makeup. I applied a layer of foundation over the sunscreen and it was not cakey at all!!! (Hooray!) Also, it has no alcohol in it and it does not irritate my sensitive skin. In addition, it is sweat proof and waterproof, which means it's safe to use while working out or going to the beach!!! Don't worry, the sunscreen can be simply removed with facial soap or makeup remover.

This can be used on your body too! It is really inexpensive, less than $10 CDN (Around $250NTD). But again, I don't think this is available in Canada, so this will be on my stock up list for my trip in August. 

4. Benefit Majorette Blush

Photo from

I have been really loving "orange" everything. Orange blush, lipstick, even purse( hehehe). This adds such a beautiful flush to the face and I love the scent. Some people think that the scent is too much but I don't mind it at all.

I don't have my own photo to show you because I only have it in a sample container from Sephora. ( I am definitely going to purchase the full size even though it is gigantic.) I will include a swatch photo here.

Top: Benefit Majorette/ Bottom: Colourpop Fox

5. Colorpop blush in Fox

I haul this in my last post, if you haven't read it, click here. This gives a natural pinky flush. It is neutral enough to go with many different looks and lip colors. I just love it!

6. Colorpop lippie stix in Clique
Again, this was hauled in my last post. It is a true orangey red color that is so perfect for summer. I bet you know why I love it so much (it's orange, duh!) It's so bright it just pop! I love to wear this when everything else is neutral, a little of the color just screams summer!!! This has a "matte" formula that is not drying at all, so I tend to forget it is matte. However, the color does transfer, so be careful when you are kissing around.

Top: Clique/ Bottom: Frida

7. Colorpop lippie stix in Frida
This is my go to not-so-nude nude color, or as I call it the " summer nude". It has a satin finish so it does not dries out my lips. This color is transferable but it does stain the lips so you won't end up with patchy colors at the end.

Here are all my favorites for June 2015. What have you been loving in June? Share with me in the comments below, twitter (@jtingsdiary) or at instagram (@judyy116). Also let me know what other topics you want to see. I was wondering if I should do a shoes or purse haul(yes, I have been shopping), let me know! I hope you are enjoying the weather and having an awesome summer!

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