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May 2016 Favorites


Wow , we are done with May already?! Lots of things happened in May both good and bad but I'm glad June is finally coming! Also Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!! :) Anyways, since I've been on a no buy, I really didn't purchase any makeup (well, except for IPSY subscription) so I don't really have any new makeup/ skincare favorite. I rediscovered some older favorites while I was decluttering/ documenting my collection. Starting this month I will also include my fav snack or lifestyle favorites in my monthly favorite posts. Let's get started.

Stila Liquid Eyeliner

I'm not sure why but lately my eyeshadow-as -eyeliner method has been smudging on me. So I started using my liquid eyeliner again. I fell in love with this product all over again. I use it almost every time I wear makeup. Honestly, after it sets, it does not go anywhere! It passed my tears and eye rubbing test ( don't really have a better name for it ). Yes, I cried with my eyeliner on, it's a long story why I started crying, but after all the incident my eyeliner didn't move at all. I use the brown more often than the black because I find the color less harsh and more natural looking. If you like intense black liner, you will like the black one from this range too.

Pacifica Eye shadow trio

Since I received this in my IPSY, I have been using it every time I apply makeup. The colors are buildable and easily blendable. The colors are great for everyday eye look and pairs really well with my brown liner. Also, I think the three colors really goes well with each other without making my lids look muddy.

Okay now to the food and random favorites...

M&M Crispy

I have been eyeing this type of M&M since I first saw it on the commercial. I never had the chance to try it out because it only comes in a bigger size. I was afraid that if I don't like it I would have wasting "food". To my surprise, I was hooked after the first handfull (honestly, who eats M&M piece by piece haha). It has an interesting texture, it's crispy. The crispy part in the center reminds me of corn cereal pieces. I love it! Now I can't get enough of it! I also heard this range is only available for a limited time...Help!

Brita Water Bottle

Picture from Amazon.ca/ it is the exact one I have
One of my new years resolution is to drink more water, I don't really have the habit of drinking water regularly or carry a water bottle with me. So I end up not drinking water at all or constantly purchase bottled water, I know, both senerios were bad. I decided to purchase a Brita filter waterbottle to carry around. First, it saves me money from buying drinks or bottled water. Second, I save the planet from not buying plastic bottles. Third, I am able to refill my bottle anywhere without worrying about contaminated water. At least it concors my fear of drinking from the water fountain.

Ballet Toe Caps Protectors

Picture from Amazon.ca
This was definitely a lifesaver. Do you have any experience with your toes aching from bunching up in the shoes? I certainly have, especially with new shoes. I rediscovered my toe pads from my dancing days to help save my toes.  I got a new pair of black heeled boots and somehow my toes hurts after awhile, and one day I thought of adding the to pads on my toes. It helps so much! These were meant for dance shoes like pointe shoes to protect dancers' toes and provide some cushion and comfort. But they also work really well for casual shoes! just slide them over your toes before you wear your shoes and you are ready to go. I got mine from Amazon.ca from a brand called Footful. It comes in 2 pairs and it was only $7.40 CAD. They are in really great quality and it won't slide of your toes. However, this method won't work if your shoes are already too small in size.

There you go, I hope you enjoy reading my May favorites and find it fun/ useful for me to include random/ food favorites. Have a great month you guys~~

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