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[Collection] Part 3: All About That Face 2016


I hope you are enjoying my collection series so far. Part 3 of my collection continues to be about face makeup products, so this post will include primers, concealers, and powders. Let's get started right away!

(P. S. I added * to products I'm almost done with)


*1) Smashbox- Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer

  • It's a pore filling primer, it works really well. It's just like Benefit's porefessional except this is completely clear.

*2) Avance+ Mattifying Emulsion- Pore Refiner

  • It smells awesome! I'm not quite sure if this is just skincare. I will reach for this when my face is dry and my pores are really visible.

3) MUFE- Step1 Hydrating Primer
  • This is great during winter when my face is extra dry, it prevents my skin from flaking without being oily
4) Estee Lauder- Matte Perfecting Primer

  • Like the name suggested, it's a mattifying primer. It is pretty hydrating though, it feels really nice on the skin. I don't think it actually mattify my skin through out the day.

5) Maybelline- Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer

  • This is really different from all other primers I have, it's actually pink. It brightens up the complexion and has SPF. I also don't reach for this, I guess it doesn't really wow me. 

6) Estee Edit- Pore Vanishing Stick
  • My new favorite primer, it glides on so smoothly and fills up my pores. I included this in a couple of my favorites, you can check out my review there.
7) Chanel- Le Blanc Light Creator Brightening Makeup Base
  • Click here for my short review on this primer 
*8) Smashbox- 24 hour photo finish shadow primer

  • I find the formula quite thick. Nothing much to say about it because I don't usually put primer on my lids.


1) Maybelline Cover Stick

  • It is really creamy and coverage is really good. However, this shade does not match me that well, too light on me!

2) Bobbi Brown- Creamy Concealer Kit (Warm Ivory)

  • It is super creamy and has great coverage. It melts into the skin easily, I recommend applying this with your fingers so the product will melt into the skin faster and more even. Also, because it is a cream product so I make sure I set it with powder properly.

3) Cover Girl+ Olay- Eye Concealer

  • I don't reach for this product at all. The color is orange based which allows the dark circles to be covered easily. Other than that, I don't find this concealer too special.

*4) Rimmel London- Match Perfection Concealer and highlighter (shade 230 Fair/ Light)
  • My all time favorite concealer, and it is super affordable too!


1) Rimmel London- Stay Matte Press Powder (Translucent)

  • As you can see, the whole thing is beat up. The lid broke in half, the writings on the cover was rubbed off. The powder hit pan awhile ago, but till now I still can't finish it. The only thing I don't like is the packaging, other than that I love this powder!

2) Etude House- Dreaming Swan Veiling Pact SPF 25

  • Honestly, I bought this for the packaging. This is from the swan lake collection from Etude house. It's just a normal blotting powder nothing fancy.

3) ELF Cosmetics- Tone Correcting Powder (Cool)

  • Another powder I really like is this ELF tone correcting powder. It evens out my skin tone nicely, and the powder is pretty smooth. This was only $3!

There you go, all about that face! I hope you enjoyed this post, I have quite a lot of primers and I choose them based on the needs of my skin that day but I usually use pore erasing/ filling primers. As for concealer, my favorite has always been the Rimmel London one from the drug store. I finished at least 3 tubes, and every time I buy a new one the packaging changes. My favorite setting powders are also from the drug store, again Rimmel London and also the ELF powder. I've gone through 2 of the ELF powder already!

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*Disclaimer: my makeup collection posts are not meant to brag, I wanted to document what I own and I was also requested to share. I know I have a lot of makeup, I'm trying to downsize and use everything I have, that's why I'm on a no buy!

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