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[Collection] My Chanel Beauty Collection 2016


I was asked to share my makeup collection, I don't have that big of a collection like the Youtubers but for an average person, I do have way too much makeup. (Shame) Anyways, I decided to split the collection up by brands. Let's kick it off with my (fast growing) Chanel Collection. Many of Chanel's collections are limited edition, and honestly I think that's the reason why my collection is growing so fast.  I'll put a little *sign for those products that were limited editions or items that you can no longer find.

This is going to be a long post but here we go....
An overview, there's a few products that are not in the picture.

Perfume Collection

Left to Right:
- Coco Mademoiselle
- Chance Eau Vive
- No.5 Premiere

Retractable Kabuki Brush


Blush/ Highlighter

Left to Right:
Sunkiss Ribbon*- 2016 L.A Sunrise collection
             -Click (here) for my review on the Sunkiss Ribbon blush
Joues Contraste Lumiere Highlighting Blush- 12 Coups De Minuit *
             - Part of Holiday 2015 Collection, my review (here)
Cream Blush- 65 Affinite*
             - It wasn't a limited edition color but I heard Chanel discontinued the Cream Blush Line :(

Makeup Base

Light Creator Brightening Makeup Base- 20 Mimosa
            - Click (here) for my review

CC Cream Complete Correction SPF 50- Shade 20

Eye Shadow
Les 4 Ombres- 14 Mystic Eyes



Left to Right:
-Rouge Allure Velvet- 55 La Delicate
-Rouge Coco- 416 Coco
-Rouge Coco Shine- 62 Monte Carlo
     Click (here) for my mini review on this color
-Rouge Coco Shine- 497 Intrepide
-Rouge Allure- 91 S├ęduisante
-Rouge Coco Stylo- 214 Message
-Rouge Coco Stylo- 218 Script

*Lipstick formula descriptions

1) Rouge Allure Velvet gives a luminous matte finish. When applied, it gives my lips that velvety finish, the new and improved is not drying but very comfortable!

2) Rouge Coco is the iconic Chanel Lipstick. Chanel revamped the formula and it is now supposed to be more hydrating. I still think it has the driest formula compared to other formulas Chanel has, regardless, it's not that kind of uncomfortable drying. The colors are beautiful, one swipe is intense enough for me, but you can definitely build it up!

3) Rouge Coco Shine is a hydrating sheer coloured lipshine. I wear this formula the most, I have it in my everyday makeup bag because I can apply the colors without a mirror and the colors I have are not too bold for everyday wear.

4) Rouge Allure is gives a vibrant and luminous look to the lips.. It has intense color like Rouge Allure Velvet but without the velvet feeling.

5) Rouge Coco Stylo is the newest lipstick line from Chanel. It's like a lipstick pen. It has a hybrid formula, according to Chanel, intense color like a lipstick, high shine like a gloss, comfortable like a balm. When I tried it in the store, it literally slide over my lips, I got an intense color payoff with only a very light swatch. I like how it is in a pen form, especially for this kind of formula, it makes it much easier to apply.

Lip Gloss/ Lip Liner

Glossimer-487*: This is part of Chanel's 2015 Holiday collection.
Lip liner- 34 Natural : The picture is hard to tell but it is a nude color.

There you go, that's everything from my Chanel collection! I do have a bunch of deluxe sized Chanel skin care sample, but I didn't think that's part of the collection. I really like their skincare products too, but full size is pretty expensive!

I just want to add that I'm not trying to brag, everything shown was purchased by me, or kindly gifted from friends and family.

Yours Truly,


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