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[Unboxing] Sephora Favorites Paint it Pink Kit


I am really excited to share this Sephora value kit with you! Sephora comes out with new value kits sporadically, and it sells out FAST! I wasn't sure if I should still do an unboxing it of the kit since it sold out within a day. The kit didn't even make it to the usual page, under "Sephora favorites". Anyways, I decided to still share with you because 1) You can pick up the products individually 2) It might show up again 3) It might be in stores in the future( ?!) My past experience with the "Give me Nude lips kit" was that it sold out before I knew about the kit but now it's available in stores again. Hopefully this kit does too!

Let's get started.

The theme of this"Paint it Pink" kit, like the name suggested, everything is "pink". Also, price listed are for full size products.

A picture of the kit

A picture of all the products

Before I get into the products, I really want to thank Sephora for the awesome packaging! This box is so beautiful and sturdy, I can definitely use this as a storage box, The lid flips outward so you don't have to fuzz around it.The floral and pink color is just so beautiful. Now the question is, what should I use this box for?

Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lip Colour in French Kiss (Full Size)

The colour is described as a bubble gum pink, however I think it looks more fuchsia to me. It's going to be a great spring/ summer pop of color! The velour lovers lip colour line is supposed to be long wearing, highly pigmented, moisturizing lip colour with a satin-matte finish. It is formulated with mango butter that creates a smooth and velvety texture. I'm putting this lipstick on while I'm typing this, the formula is so comfortable on the lips, I didn't wear a lip balm underneath it but it doesn't show my dry patches. * Update: It does transfer onto my mug, when I try to drink water. The velvet feeling goes away after eating; however, to my surprise, it left a beautiful and quite pigmented stain on my lips, still not drying at all! Love it!*

Price: 0.12 o.z, $34 CAD

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Rose Gold

If you are not familiar with the super popular Becca skin perfecto, it is a creamy powder highlighter that absorbs and reflect light for the ultimate natural glow. Honestly, I haven't try them before, I always think it is way too shimmery, not for everyday use and I will probably never finish it plus the price tag! I think this is the reason why I like buying kits like this, to try something I normally wouldn't spend the money for. The rose gold shade is a soft gold infused with rose tone. I don't think this shade looks good on me as a highlighter, I think it will look better for those who have darker or tanned skin tone! It is really shimmery, so I think I will probably end up using it as a blush but not really eyeshadow.

Price: 0.28 o.z , $46 CAD

Original Beauty Blender (Full Size)

I don't think this needs further description. I'm happy that this is included, you can never have too many back up beauty blenders right?! ( I actually realized I have too many)

Price: $28 CAD

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit describes it as a mascara inspired by hair rollers. It should be super-curling and lifting that gives a wide-eyed look. It has a "hook 'n' roll' brush that suppose to life and curl even short and straight lashes (me). I can use this without a lash curler, but if you already have curled lashes, it will look even better. I think I'll be passing this along to my friends since I have the full size already!

Price: 0.14 o.z $16 CAD and 0.3 o.z for $31 CAD

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Blissful

I tried these blushes before, but in case you haven't; Benefit describes them as a long wear, solar-baked blush that lasts up to 12 hours. The colour is said to be a shimmering warm peach but I don't see any shimmer in the pan and not on my skin when I apply it. These blushes last forever, because you only need a very light hand when applying them

Price: 0.2 o.z for $34 CAD

Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer Sheer in Baby Doll

This colour is super sheer, it's great for creating ta French tip manicure base. I didn't see any colour on my nails when I tried it but it gives a beautiful shine!

Price: 0.5 o.z for $20 CAD

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Scratch (Full Size)

It is a Rose gold shimmer-y color, this is more pink than the color "sin", I mentioned in my March Favourites. I really like these shadows, the finish is so pretty, they last all day and they are super easy to blend.

Price: 0.05 o.z. for $22 CAD

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi- gloss in 202 Sweet Pink

The color is quite sheer but definitely buildable. It's really comfortable on the lips, it's quite moisturizing. It scent of the gloss reminds me of baby oil, I don't mind it at all! The texture is definitely thicker but I don't find it sticky when I talk. The applicator is not the typical lip gloss applicator, it's flat and flexible which allows for easier application in my opinion.

Price: 0.23 oz for $24 CAD

Here's a photo of the swatches
Left to right: Becca, Urban Decay eye shadow, Laura Mercier lipstick, Tarte Blush and MUFE Gloss

Overall, I am really glad I got this kit! This kit cost $48 CAD but the 3 full size products alone is worth $ 84. Sephora Favourites kits always have great value. I got to try out many products that I normally wouldn't purchase for myself.  Even though the Becca skin perfector might not suit my skin color that well, at least I got to try out the formula, I can either use it as a eye shadow, blush or pass it on to my friends who will look great in the color! I think Sephora is pretty good at picking colours that are suitable for most people, it's not going to be perfect but I have been pretty lucky! This post was meant for an overview of the products, if you want a more in depth review on any of these products, let me know! If you also got the kit, let me know what you think!

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